As a soundtrack composer, SCOTT LICINA has broken down the boundaries of what a score can represent and enhance. From films to novels to comic books, Licina's eclectic mix of musical genres and sounds is forging a new frontier in the cross-media wilderness! Scott has worked for Marvel Comics, Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversay EditionFangoria Magazine and Chaos! Comics to name a few. SCOTT LICINA ( Today known as GUITARSLINGER ZERO ) is also well-respected in other areas of the entertainment world as a writer, graphic designer/artist, editor and event producer.

Michael was already a tremendous asset to my company back in the 'nets "wild west" early days, and really helped break us into not only the European market but also expand our footprint globally. Smart, creative and incredibly personable, I truly can't recommend 100% Promotion enough, which is why I've continued to work with him for the past 15 years.!
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Fangoria Entertainment, Musician & Soundtrack Composer
Chicago, USA


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